Our story begins, as these stories often do, with a reasonably young, over-caffeinated, know-it-all…

My name is Danielle and I spend a great deal of time in my kitchen.

Here’s a fun cherry cola chocolate cupcake I made, photographed by: Dan Leonard

It’s a small, one-butt kitchen in the East of England where I live with my better-half and a fortress of research papers, methodology books, and monographs of Heidegger. I’m a Ph.D. student, American, and reluctantly Millennial.

When I moved to the U.K. a couple of years ago, I was told I would be instantly homesick but I don’t find that to be overly true. What I do miss with all of my heart, however, is comfort food. Mom’s dinners, Grandma’s baking, church potlucks, and artery-clogging fast food.

Which brings me to this digital place we are standing in now… The Philosopher’s Scone will explore family classics and the paper treasures that are community cookbooks. I’ll post cookbook reviews, my own take on recipes, and other expat-bakes-to-feel-at-home fodder. ALSO, it will (almost certainly) get a little bit philosophical because I’m writing my thesis. But I promise it won’t get “academic” because absolutely no one has ever casually browsed the web for Ivory Tower techno babble.

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions, comments, concerns, or fun facts. I’m always interested in a fun fact.

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