Sealed with a meringue kiss

The U.K. is home to a magnificent little institution known as the Meringue Girls. I don’t even recall how I stumbled across the efforts of these two amazing ladies so many years ago, but never has meringue looked so edgy.


Like a Hershey’s Kiss… only fat-free!


Using their mother recipe and inspired by their flavor combinations, I have embarked on a little meringue-filled side quest. Anyone watching their figure should already appreciate these little fat-free kisses and they seriously quench my sweet tooth. These beauties are part of a cocoa and chai latte batch I made. The cocoa flavor is a little bit more muted than the chai, which really stood out.

I am determined to master the piping technique to create beautiful, even dollops of meringue. But until then let’s just say they have character.

Photography by: Dan Leonard

Today’s Beginner Philosophy Lesson brought to you by: Epistemology

Epistemology is the study of how we know things. There are several branches within epistemology, and as a researcher, it’s important to have a firm grasp on which branch you subscribe to. A lot of education research is dominated by 2 branches: constructivism purports that reality is constructed by the individual and positivism purports that reality exists as its own entity, separate from the individual. Is ‘reality’ for each person different? Or do we all experience the same ‘reality’?

2 thoughts on “Sealed with a meringue kiss

  1. I must be a positive constructivist. Or, perhaps, a constructive positivist. Every repeated science experiment demonstrates that there’s a reality out there. As the T-shirt says: Science doesn’t care what you think. Ah — but what of how we interpret those results? Internalize them. Integrate them. See: the climate change denier. The anti-evolutionist. Trump. As a sometimes ruthlessly effective legislative floor leader used to say: perception is reality. So we live — or far too often these days, wallow — in a reality of our own creation. But that other reality still doesn’t give a damn what we think.

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