Much ado about muffin

My inclination is to start this post by apologizing for being negligent with posting new stuff because I adore you all. But the actual truth is that the last two months have been wall-to-wall academia and stress. So I’m not really that sorry. (Sorry.) Let me tell you what I’ve been up to instead of […]

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Where’s (rhu)Barb?

Spring is here and the rhubarb has started to appear in the grocery stores. One of the happy coincidences of moving to the U.K. is that the pucker-inducing vegetable is a staple of fruity British desserts. Rhubarb grew like a weed on the farm in South Dakota so it definitely reminds me of home. Knowing […]

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Chocolate Whiskey Bundt Cake

Let me lead this off and say this recipe came straight out of The Italian Baker by Melissa Forti – a book bought because she looks like a majestic badass on the cover and the binding was curiously appealing (you need to see the actual book, then you will understand). No familial or childhood reminiscing […]

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Sealed with a meringue kiss

The U.K. is home to a magnificent little institution known as the Meringue Girls. I don’t even recall how I stumbled across the efforts of these two amazing ladies so many years ago, but never has meringue looked so edgy.     Using their mother recipe and inspired by their flavor combinations, I have embarked […]

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Sioux Chef

The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen by Sean Sherman and Beth Dooley This cookbook called to me. I am from South Dakota and have been surrounded by indigenous influence for most of my life (albeit from a childlike, mostly naive perspective) and the idea of getting to know native flavors and ingredients is an exciting adventure. […]

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